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New blogging setup

Here will be a really cool article soon enough.

Replace Browserify with Webpack as your React build system

For the quick-fix without the explanations; check the GitHub compare page for Davids gh-pages branch and my webpack-powered version to see an overview of how to change out Browserify for Webpack. For a more in-depth explanation of it all just keep reading.

Promises, an introduction

Asynchronous is almost as hard to spell as asynchronous code is hard to handle. Enter… Promises!

Automatic pre-build linting with npm scripts

Linting is boring and easy to forget, automate!

Linting your React code with ESLint

When first getting into the wonderful world of React earlier this year I used jsxhint to keep my code linted and free from the unnecessary errors that usually occur when I start hitting the keyboard at random. Starting up my new project for this course I was just about to install it again when I got the idea to actually look up if there had been any changes or something in the months since I last used it…
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